Present simple negative

Complete the sentences. All of them are negative. Use don’t/doesn’t + one of the verbs.

cost    drive    go    have    know   play   see    sell    smoke    wash    wear

          “Do you want a cigarette?” “No, thanks. I don’t smoke.”

  1. They    newspapers in that store.
  2. She has a car, but she     very often.
  3. I like plays, but I     to the theater very often.
  4. My car is usually dirty because I     it very often.
  5. It’s a cheap bed and breakfast. It     much to stay there.
  6. He likes soccer, but he     very often.
  7.    much about politics.
  8. She’s married, but she     a ring.
  9. He lives next door, but we     him very often.
  10. “Can you lend me five dollars?” “Sorry, I     any money.”

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