To be 3

Study the form of the verb to be:

Affirmative Negative

I am - I'm

he is - he's

she is- she's

it is - it's

we are - we're

you are - you're

they are - they're 

I am not - I'm not

he is not - he isn't

she is not - she isn't

it is not - it isn't

we are not - we aren't

you are not - you aren't

they are not - they aren't

Write sentences using the prompts.

Use the verb to be (am / is / are) to complete the sentences.


(my house very ugly) FULL FORM: My house is  very ugly. OR    CONTRACTION: My house's very ugly.

NOTE: contractions in affirmative form are used only in informal situations.

             contractions in affirmative form for plural subjects is not possible.

E.g. Juan and Pablo're my brothers. (incorrect) - Juan and Pablo are my brothers (correct)

but They're my brothers.(correct)

(my clothes not very dirty) FULL FORM: My clothes are not very dirty. OR CONTRACTION:  My clothes aren't very dirty.

Prompts                                                                                Full Form  / Contraction

1. (Rome not in Spain)                                       /  

2. (my bed very comfy)                                      

3. (Mr. Davalos' daughter six years old)        

4. (those curtains very ragged)                        / There's no contraction form.

5. (your pens in your backpack)                       / There's not contraction form.

6. (I not very happy today)                                

7. (the banks not open today)                          

8. (the exam not difficult)                                   

9. (the houses on this street very old)             / There is no contraction form.

10. (this restaurant very expensive)                 /

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