Expressing habit-practice the past tense

Read the letter below and choose the best word that completes the sentence.

You can express habits with the words used to do/ doing.

Complete the sentence with the correct option.

Dear Martha,

I know it has been a long time but if you remember we shopping every Sunday when we were kids.

We   on a bench by the park and have vanilla ice cream mmmm it was delicious! 

I remember everybody in the neighborhood and organize parties.

Our parents work and we would skip school. During those years getting into trouble.

Remember Tommy? I saw him the other day and we are now really good friends, back then at the end of the week we would talking for hours.

Your sister was very jealous and always trying to get you grounded I herad she married and has many children.

It was so fun I really want to come visit and catch up with you.

Please write back.

Your old friend,


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