Simple Present or Present Continuous

Put the verbs in the present continuous or simple present.

Present continuous (I am doing), Simple present (I do). Please use contractions when possible.

  1. Excuse me, (you/know) where the bank is?
  2. Judith   (have) a conversation with her boss.
  3. They (not/go) to the movies very often.
  4. Listen! Somebody   (cry).
  5. The girl is tired. She (want) to go home now.
  6. How often (you/talk) to your mother?
  7. I’m sorry, I (not/understand). Please speak more slowly.
  8. “Excuse me, but (sit) in my place.” “Oh, I’m sorry.”
  9. “Where is the cat?” “He  (try) to catch a mouse.”
  10. What time (she/finish) work every day?
  11. You can turn off the computer. I   (not/use) it.
  12. He  (not/usually/work) late, but today he (still/work).

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