Pronouns and Adjectives

Read and complete the text.

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am a teacher and this is about a person like  . Paz García is one of  best friends. is a Chemist teacher and works in public university as do, but subject is very different from . I consider a good Physics teacher. Claudia, on the other hand, considers  better in her role of mother. One thing is certain: both consider lovers of science! both went to the same elementary and secondary school in Mexico City.   favorite teacher, Juana Gallardo, continues to teach other students at the school. She gives three lessons a week - just like did when went to school. Another similarity of is that are both from Michoacán.

Claudia grew up in Morelia while grew up in Uruapan, a much smaller city than . Claudia is married and husband, Jack, works as an IT Systems manager. office is on Juárez street, where  can develop IT programs. have very different professions, but feel marriage is successful for this very reason.They have two beautiful children. They visit me every now and then, I love very much. am not jealous of success, but am a bit jealous of wonderful marriage. I hope someday will meet a man just like

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