Superlatives 1

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in parenthesis.


Superlatives are used to show the difference more than two things or more than two people = Paris is the biggest city in France

Superlative sentences usually use the word "the"


1) One syllable adjective ending with "e" = nice-nicest

2) One syllable adjective ending in one vowel and one consonant = big-biggest

3) One syllable adjective ending in more than one consonant or more than one vowel = high-highest

4) A two syllable adjective ending in "y" = happy-happiest

5) Two syllable or more adjectives without "y" at the end = exciting-the most exciting


good - best

bad - worst

far - farthest

little - least

many - most

much - most


1. That was the film I have ever seen. (exciting)

2. Who is the person in your family? (tall)

3. My mom is the cook of the world. (good)

4. Shakira is the singer in Bogota. (famous)

5. My boyfriend is the person in our class. (funny)

6. Canada is the country I have ever been. (cold)

7. Mujeres Island has the beaches in Cancún. (beautiful)

8. My bag is the bag in our school. (heavy)

9. My aunt´s cat is the cat in town. (fat)

10. You got the grades in math. (bad)

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