Identifying tenses

Complete the sentences with the correct active form of the verbs in parenthesis. Do not use contractions.

1. How did you manage to get here?  We (walk) . It was easy. 

2. I am feeling exhausted right now. I think I (take) a break. 

3. Manuel definitely needs a new car. He (have) that one for years. 

4. By the time I am 50, I (save) enough money to travel around the world.

5. We are all wet because we (bathe) our dog.

6. I (not believe) in fairy tales. They are for children.

7. I (live) in Guanjauato for 6 years already. I am planning on staying here.

8. What did you get Raul for his birthday? I (buy) him flowers and a card.

9. By the time we arrived to the party, the guests (eat)   all the food.

10. Do not worry, I promise you that I (be) there on time.

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