Conditional 1

Conditional Sentence Type 1

  • Use to predict the result of a future action.
  •   if + simple present, will + infinitive.
                        If clause         ,        main clause
  •  The If clause describes the action while the main clause describes the result of the action.
  •   The main clause can also be at the beginning, in this case don’t use the comma.
      e.g.:  If I find her address, I will send her an invitation.
               I will send her an invitation if I find her address.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb. Then click on Submit.

1. If Susana and Victor  (prepare) the meal, Ramón    (decorate) the house.

 2. If Blanca   (cut) the tomatoes for the salad, Carla  (peel) the mushrooms.

 3. Janette  (clean) the sitting room, if Pedro  (move) the furniture.

 4. If Gil  (tidy) up the kitchen, Anita (clean) the toilet.

 5. Helena  (buy) the drinks, if someone (help) her  carry them.

 6.  If Monica and Dan (make) the sandwiches, Alan (do) the washing up.

 7. If Mary (bake) the cake, Sally (decorate) it.

 8. Pam (wrap) the presents if Diana (buy) them.

 9. Emmanuel  (play) the DJ if the others (bring) their CDs.

 10. If they all (do) their best, the party (be) great.

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