Relative pronouns-practice the language

Type who, whose, which, where and when according to the two stories below.

1. My friend Pablo is very superstitious does not like black cats.

    One day pablo, room is always a mess and tired of his mom complaining he decided to clean up his room.

    First he cleaned under the bed where he found a rabbits foot, then he cleaned his closet and found a horseshoe.

    Pablo was so happy he ran out of his house and came to mine. But  he came over to my house he had a sad face.

    He showed me his findings were very nice, but he told me he had lost his wallet on the way to my house.

2. I spent a year in the United States I was only 20 years old. My first stop was in Las Vegas I have friends.

   Paco and Laura are both cooks showed me around.

   One day we went to the Zoo was awesome.

   Paco restaurant is very cool hosted a party.

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