Passive 1


Study this example:

This house was built in 1960.

This is a passive sentence. Compare:

Someone built this house in 1960. (active)

We often prefer the passive when it is not so important who or what did the action. In this example, it is not so important (or not known) who built the house.

- In a passive sentence, if you want to say who did or what caused the action, use by:

*This house was built by my favorite architect. (= my favorite architect built it)

*Have you ever been bitten by a dog? (= Has a dog ever bitten you?)

* This problem can be only solved by a geniuous.

Passive is formed by the correct form of be (is/are/was/were/has been/had beenmodal be,  etc.) + the past participle

Complete these sentences

Use one of the following verbs (in the correct form).

arrest       wake       knock       check      translate     find      drive

make      spend      hear         carry

Example: The music at the party was very loud and could be heard from far away.

1. A decision will not this week.

2. That building is dangerous. It ought to down before it falls down.

3. When you go through Customs, your luggage may by a Customs officer.

4. I told the hotel receptionist that I wanted to up at 6:30.

5. If you kicked a police officer, you'd .

6. I don't mind driving, but I prefer to by other people.

7. Her new book will probably into a number of foreign languages.

8. The injured woman couldn't walk and had to .

9. Do you think that less money should on the military?

10. The police are looking for the missing boy. He can't anywhere.

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Complete the sentences.

This time use these verbs:

must     should     shouldn't     might    would

Example: Did anyone clean the windows?

                  No. they should have been cleaned but they weren't.

1. A: Did anyone invite Alicia to the party?

     B: I don't know. She - I'm not sure.

2. A: Did anyone see you?

     B: No, but I if it hadn't been so dark.

3. A: Has someone fixed this machine?

     B: Well, it's working again so it .

4. A: Did someone throw those old letters away?

     B: Yes, but it was a mistake. They away.

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