Passive 2

Passive forms of the present and past tenses:

Simple present: am/is/are + past participle (done/cleaned, etc.)

Active:  Someone cleans this office three times a week.

Passive: This office is cleaned three times a week.

                 I'm not often invited to parties.

               How many people are injured in car accidents every day?

Simple past: was/were past participle (done/cleaned, etc.)

Active: Someone cleaned this office three times last week.

Passive: This office was cleaned three times last week.

               During the night we were all woken up by a loud explosion.

              When was that castle built?

             The house wasn't damaged in the storm, but a tree was blown down.

Present continuous: am/is/are being past participle (done/cleaned, etc.)

Active: Someone is cleaning this office right now.

Passive: This office is being cleaned right now.

                Look at those old buildings! They are being knocked down.

               (shop assistant to customer) Are you being helped, ma'am?

Past continuous: was/were being past participle (done/cleaned, etc.)

Active: Someone was cleaning the office when I arrived.

Passive: This office was being cleaned when I arrived.

                 Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. We were being followed.

Present perfect: have/has been past participle (done/cleaned, etc.)

Active: The office looks nice. Someone has cleaned it.

Passive: The office looks nice. It has been cleaned.

               Have you heard the news? The president has been shot.

               Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

              I'm not going to the party. I haven't been invited.

Past perfect: had been + past participle (done/cleaned, etc.)

Active: The office looked much better. Someone had cleaned it.

Passive: The office looked much better. It had been cleaned.

                Jimena didn't know about the change of plans. She hadn't been told.

Make passive sentences

Use the words in parentheses to make a passive sentence.

Examples: That building looks very old. (when/it/build?) When was it built?

                   A: Is Margarita popular?

                   B: Yes, (she/like/by everyody) She is liked by everybody.

1. This is a very popular TV show. (watch/by millions of people)  Every week it .

2. What happens to the cars produced in this factory? (most of them/export?)   ?

3.A: Was there any trouble at the demonstration?

  B: Yes. (about 20 people/arrest) .

4. A: There is no longer military service in Germany.

    B: Really? (when/it/abolish?) ?

5. A: Did anybody call an ambulance to the scene of the accident?

    B: Yes. (but nobody/injure/so it/not need) .

6. A: Last night someone broke into our house.

    B: Oh no! (anything/take?) ?

7. Mr. Smith can't use his office right now. (it/redecorate) .

8. Linda didn't have her car yesterday. (it/tune-up/at the garage)   .

9. Where's my bicycle? It's gone! (it/steal!) !

10. The people next door disappeared six months ago. (they/not/see/since then) .

11. This room looks different. (it/paint/since / was last here?) ?

12. A tree was lying across the road. (it/blow/down in the storm) .

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