Passive 3

----   Some verbs can have two objects. For example, offer:

* They didn't offer Alejandra the job. (the two objects are Alejandra and the job)

So it is possible to make two different passive sentences:

*Alejandra wasn't offered the job.                    * The job wasn't offered to Alejandra

It is more usual for the passive sentence to begin with the person. Other verbs like offer that can have two objects are:


Examples: I was given two hours to may my decision. (= they gave me two hours)

                    The men were paid $1500 to do the job. (=someone paid the men $1500)

                    Have you been shown the new machine? (= has anyone shown you the new machine?)

----  Born: Remember that be born is a passive verb and is usually past:

           Where were you born?

           I was born in Guanajuato

          How many babies are born in this hospital every day?

----  The passive -ing form is being done/being cleaned, etc.:

Active:  I don't like people telling me what to do.

Passive: I don't like being told what to do.

                I remember being given a toy drum on my fifth birthday. (I remember someone giving me...)

               Hurry up! You know Mr. Miller hates being kept waiting. (he hates people keeping him waiting)

               She climbed over the wall without beign seen. (without anyone seeing her)

---- Sometimes you can use get insted of be in the passive:

        There was a fight at the club, but nobody got hurt. (nobody was hurt)

        Did Amy get fired from her new job? (was Amy fired from her new job?)

You can use get in the passive to say that something happens to someone or something. Often the action is not planned; it happens by chance:

       The dog got run over by a car. (the dog was run over)

In other types of situation get is not usually possible:

Georgia is liked by everyone. (not gets liked)

Get is used mainly in informal spoken English. You can use be in all situations.

Write a new sentence

Read the sentence and then write a new sentence with the same meaning. Begin in the way shown each shown each time.

Example: They didn't offer Christian the job. Christian wasn't offered the job.

1. They don't pay Lucas very much.

Lucas .

2.They will ask you a lot of questions at the interview.

You .

3. Nobody told me that Bob was sick.

I .

4. His colleagues gave him a present when he retired.

He .

5. We will send you your exam results as soon as they are ready.

You .

6.  They didn't ask me my name.

I .

7. I think they should have offered Tim the job.

I think Tim .

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Complete the sentences

Complete the sentences. Each time use being with one of these verbs:

Keep     Pay     Attack      Give     Invite     Use     Ask

Example: Mr. Fonseca doesn't like being kept waiting. 

1. He came to the party without .

2. She won't go out alone after dark. She is afraid of .

3. I don't like stupid questions.

4. Few people are prepared to work without .

5. Ms. Lafourcade doesn't like her smartphone   by other people.

6. Most people like presents.

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Complete the sentences

Complete the sentences. Make a passive sentence with get and one of these verbs:

Break    Sting     Use      Damage     Hurt      Steal

Example: There was a fight at the club, but nobody got hurt.

1. Carlos by a bee while he was sitting in the garden.

2. How did that window ?

3. Did any of these houses in the storm last night?

4. These tennis courts don't often. Not many people want to play.

5. I used to have a bicycle, but it .

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