Relative Clauses2


Look at these examples:

      The man who lives next door is very friendly. (or that lives)

      Where are the eggs that were in the refrigerator? (or which were)

In these sentences who and that are subjects of the verbs in the relative clauses: the man lives next door, the eggs were in the refrigerator. You can't leave out who or that in these sentences.

When who or that are objects of the verb in the relative clause, you can leve them out:

      The man I wanted to see was away on vacation. (but not The man I wanted to see him was away on vacation.)

      Have you found the keys you lost? (but not Have you found the keys you lost them?)

     The dress Andrea bought doesn'r fit her very well. (The dess that Andrea bought)

     The woman Jerry is going to marry is Mexican. (the woman who/that Jerry is going to marry)

There are often prepositions (in/at/with, etc.) in relative clauses. Study the position of the prepositions in these sentences:

      do you know the girl? - Tomas is talking to her  -- Do you know the girl (who/that) Tomas is talking to?

      the bed - I slept in it last night - wasn't very comfortable  -- The bed (that) I slept in last night wasn't very comfortable.

      The man (who/that) I sat next to on the plane talked all the time.

      Are these the books (that) you have been looking for?

     The girl (who/that) he fell in love with left him after a few weeks.

You can't use what instead of that:

      Everything (that) he said was true. (not everything what he said)

Complete the sentences

The sentences in this exercise are not complete. Complete each one with a relative clause. 


1. Have you found the keys you lost?

2. I like the dress

3. The museum

4. Most of the people

5. Who was that woman

6. The fish  

7. We stayed at a hotel

8. The stories

9. The man

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Relative clause with a preposition

Choose the phrases that best complete the sentences.


1. The bed I slept in was too soft.

2. I didn't get the job

3. The man has been married twice before

4. The party  wasn't very enjoyable.

5. Who was that woman

6. The flight  was fully booked.

7. I enjoy my job because I like the people .

8. I wasn't interested in the things .

9. The house is not in very good condition.

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Complete the sentences

Complete these sentences, where necessary, with that, who, or what. If it is optional to use that or leave it out, write (that) - in parentheses.


                     Did you hear what I said?             Everything (that) he said was true.

1. She gives her children everything they want.

2. Tell me you want, and I'll try to help you.

3. Why do you blame me for everything goes wrong?

4. I won't be able to do very much, but I'll do the best I can.

5. I can't lend you any money. All I have is a dollar.

6. Susan is the only person understands me.

7. Why do you always disagree with everything I say?

8. I don't agree with you've just said.

9. This is an awful movie. It's the worst I've ever seen.

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