Relative clauses 3


We use whose in relative clauses instead of his/her/their:

       we saw some people - their car had broken down = We saw some people whose car had broken down.

We use whose mostly for people:

     A widow is a woman whose husband is dead. (her husband)

    What's the name of the woman whose car you borrowed? (you borrowed her car)

    The other day I met someone whose brother I went to school with. (I went to school with his brother)

Whom is possible instead of who (for people) when it is the object of the verb in the relative clause.

          The man whom I wanted to see was away on vacation. (I wanted to see him)

Whom can be used with a preposition (to/from/with whom, etc.)

          The woman with whom he fell in love left him after a few weeks. (he fell in love with her)

In spoken English whom is not normally used, instead we use who or that.

Where - in a relative clause is used to talk about places.

        The hotel - we stayed there - wasn't very clean  = The hotel where we stayed wasn't very clean.

        I recently went back to the town where I was born. (or the town (that) I was born in)

       I would like to live in a country where there is plenty of sunshine.

We use that (or we leave it out) when we say the day/the year/ the time, (etc.) that something happened.

          Do you still remember the  day (that) we first met?

          The last time (that) I saw her, she looked very well.

          I haven't seen them since the year (that) they got married.

Use why or that to say the reason why something happens or the reason that something happens. It can also be leaft out.

                         The reason (why/that) I'm calling you is to invite  you to the movies.

Write questions

You were on vacations with a friend of yours. You met some people who had some bad experiences during their vacation. You met:

1. some people/their car broke down

2. a man/his wife got sick and was taken to the hospital

3. a woman/her husband was arrested by the police

4. a girl/her passport was stolen

5. a couple/their luggage disappeared

You can't recall the names of these people. ASk your friend, making sentences with whose.


1. What was the name of the people whose care broke down?

2. What was the name of the man


3. What was the name


4. What was the name


5. What was the name of


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Complete the sentences

The sentences in this exercise are not complete. Complete them with where... Use the sentences in the box to make your relative clauses.


            1. I recently went back to the town where I was born.

2. The dress didn't fit her, so she took it back to the store .

3. Do you know a restaurant ?

4. Is there a store near here ?

5. The place was really beautiful.

6. A cemetery is a place .

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Complete the sentences

Complete the sentences with a relative clause. Use the sentences in the box to make your relative clauses. Write them in parenthesis when they can be omitted.

(her) dog bit me

John is staying (there)

we first met (on that day)

(his/her) parents are dead

they don't have a car (for this reason)

I didn't write to you (for this reason)

World War II ended (in that year)

you called (that evening)


            1. Do you remember the day (that) we first met?

2. An orphan is a child .

3. The reason was that I didn't know your address.

4. Unfortunately I wasn't home the evening .

5. I protested to the woman .

6. The reason is that they can't afford one.

7. Do you know the name of the hotel ?

8. Nineteen forty-five was the year .

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