Past Perfect

Complete the sentence.

Use the verbs in parentheses. Remember past perfect is formed by HAD + past participle of the verb.

For this exercise do not use contractions.

You went back to your home town after many years, and you found that many things were different.

Example: Most of my friends were no longer there. They had left (leave).

1. My best friend, Claudia, was no longer there. She (go) away.

2. The local movie theater was no longer open. It  (close) down.

3. Mr. Pacheco was no longer alive. He (die).

4. I didn't recognize my high school friends. They (change) a lot.

5. Juan, my brother, no longer had his car. He (sell) it.

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Complete the sentences

Use the verb in parenthesis.

There are some words that you might need to add. Study the example.

This exercise is focused on sentence formation and past perfect.

Example: Mr. and Mrs. Conejo were in an airplane. They were very nervous as the plane took off because they (never / fly) had never flown before .

1. The woman was a complete stranger to me. (never / see) I before.

2. Georgia was late for work. Her boss was very surprised. (never / be / late) She .

3. Diana played chess yesterday - at least she tried to play chess. She wasn't very good at it because she (never / play) .

4. It was Carla's first driving lesson. He was very nervous and didn't know what to do. (never / drive) He before.

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Make sentences using the words in parentheses

Example: I wasn't hungry. ( I / just / have / lunch) I had just had lunch.

1. My husband wasn't home when I arrived. (he / just / go / out) .

2. We arrived at the movie theater late. (th movie / already / begin) .

3. They weren't eating when I went to see them (they / just / finish / their dinner) .

4. I invited Dania to dinner last night, but she couldn't come. (she / already / make plans / to do something else) .

5. I was very pleased to see Lety again after such a long time. (I / not / see / her for five years) .

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