Avoiding repetition


Structure: full statement  +  linker  +  shortened statement with auxiliary 

                  I don´t like vegetables  +  but  +  Sara does

In the example above, the auxiliaries are used to make sentences shorter. But there are different situations you can face:

1) When the first part contains an auxiliary:

a) I have never travelled outside Mexico...but Anne has.

b) I didn´t watch the movie ... but my friends did.

(We use the same auxiliary in the first and second part, all tenses except present and past simple)

2) When the first part does not contain an auxiliary:

a) I like horror movies...but my brother doesn´t.

b) I went to the party...but Sarah didn´t.

(We use the auxiliary according to the sentences´ tense)

3) When the main verb is "be":

a) I wasn´t in the absent yesterday...but Amy was.

b) I am not very happy... but Fernanda is.

c) She is not going to the party...but I am.

(We use the verb to be in the first and second part)


Now it´s your turn

Complete the sentences with the appropiate auxiliary. Some options are used twice. 

1. The students didn´t know what to say. Neither we. 

2. I will watch TV tonight and so my husband. 

3. My friend can play the piano everyday for five hours. I´m afraid I

4. My sisters won´t stay out until midnight and neither I.

5. You should called the police immediately. Yes, I know I .

6. I think we have enjoyed the vacations more than the children .

7. I didn´t expect that reaction from him, but his parents

8. My son is supposed to be at home by now!, but he .

9. We weren´t very happy because our daughter was getting married, but she .

10. Our families aren´t so excited about our wedding, but we .

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