Missing words out

Complete the sentences with an auxiliary verb or a modal verb. Make the verb form negative where necessary. Use contractions.

1. I wanted to fix my bicycle, but I ; I didn't have the right tools.

2. 'It's a long trip. Please take care on the way.'
    'Don't worry, we .'

3. I met your cousin last week. She thought we'd met before, but we .

4. 'Have you turned in your paper?'
    'No, I , but I will.

5. My car is being fixed right now. If it I'd take you home. I'm sorry.

6. 'I think I should call my grandmother.'
    'You . You haven't done it in a long time.'

7. You didn't want to come to the party with me last night, but I wish you . It was terrific!

8. 'You look really bad, why don't you give the doctor a visit?'
    'I . He gave me some medicine and I'm getting better.'

9. I got that job I applied for. I'm so proud of myself! I really didn't think I .

10. The weather forecast said there is a possibility that it will rain today. If it , we will have to stay home. 

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