Third conditional

Practice the third conditional by completing the sentences with the words in parenthesis.



(+) If I had known you were coming, I would have waited for you.

(-) If she hadn´t been ill, she would have gone to cinema.

(?) Would you have told me if you had known about it?

1. She (might/not/be) ill if she (not/drink) that wine yesterday.

2. Who knows what (may/happen) if I (accept) the job in Brazil. 

3. The walk (would/be) much more pleasant if the weather (not/be) so bad. 

4. If I (know) it was her birthday, I (would/buy) her a present.

5. He (would/go) to the party if she (invite) him. 

6. (Would/you/go) to the party if they (invite) you?

7. The students (might/pass) the exam if they (study) harder. 

8. I (would/not/say) anything if I (know) what their reaction was going to be. 

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