Intensifying Adverbs 1

Choose the ONE correct adverb to complete the sentences. Some options are used twice.


(1) Intensifying adverbs are used to modify or affect the meaning of adjectives: It´s a highly sophisticated product.

(2) Or to modify other adverbs: She drives terribly fast.

1. I adore pizza. Hawaiian is my favorite. 

2. She forgot about my birthday. 

3. What he believes depends on his point of view. 

4. My brother can´t stand getting up in the morning. 

5. I have enjoyed dinner with my boyfriend. 

6. The ice cream is good. You should try it! 

7. I´m determined to do exercise. 

8. The spa was nice, but expensive. 

9. The concert was interesting. Jazz is not my favorite type of music but I like it this time. 

10. If you ask the teacher, I´m sure he´ll say no. 

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