Discourse Markers

Complete the following sentences with an appropiate discourse marker.

A discourse marker is a particle that is used to direct or redirect the flow of conversation without adding any significant paraphrasable meaning to the discourse. 

You can find them in different situations, for instance:

-to initiate discourse

-to mark a boundary in discourse

-to preface a response or a reaction

-to serve as a filler or delaying tactic

-to aid the speaker in holding the floor

-to to effect and interaction or sharing between speaker and hearer

-to bracket the discourse 

-to mark either foregrounded or backgrounded information


1. teachers are overworked and underpaid.  

2. I don´t believe in aliens. I haven´t seen one yet. 

3. I think those girls should be careful. they are too young to know the difference between right and wrong. 

4. The child was close to the border of the cage. a Lion was creeping closer. 

5. She didn´t make an effort to study and pay attention. , she failed the final exam. 

6. The police have been warned before. , they should go and get the thief.

7. "You´re getting on that plane with Victor where you belong... , you´ve got to listen to me!"

8. , I´ll finish my training next year. 

9. Do you know his phone number?   - , it´s somewhere here. 

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