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Read the following text , then choose the correct option (TRUE OR FALSE) :

Downton Abbey

Downtown Abbey is a British-American historical period drama television series created by Jullian Fellowes, It first aired on ITV in the United Kingdom on 26 September 2010, and on PBS in the United States on 9 January 2011, Six series have been made (called seasons in the US), the sixth airing in the autumn of 2015 in the UK and Ireland

The series, set in the fictional Yorkshire country state of Downton Abbey, depicts the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and the in the post-Edwardian era. With the great events in history having an effect on their lives and on the British social hierarchy. Such events depicted throughout the series include news of the sinking of the RMS Titanic  in the first series; the outbreak of the First World War, the Spanish influenza pandemic, and the Marconi Scandal in the second series; the interwar period and the formation of the Irish Free State in the third series; the Teapot dome scandal in the fourth series; and the United Kingdom general election of 1923, the Jallianwala Bagh , and the Beer Hall Putch in the fifth series. Downtown abbey has received critical acclaim from television critics and won numerous accolades.

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Downtown abbey is a real place nowadays

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The story is about a rich couple living in Downtown.

Pregunta 3

The characters' lives are directly influenced by historic events.

Pregunta 4

Most characters died on the period of the Spanish influenza pandemic.

Pregunta 5

The series own several awards and positive criticism.

Pregunta 6

The word "accolades" refers to a type of movie. 

Pregunta 7

A serie in the U.K is a complete season in the U.S.