The accidental time traveler

Read the text below, then mark if the statemet is TRUE or if its FALSE.


The story of Rodolfo García was for many decades considered to be an unsolved mystery, as well as a case of possible time travel. According to the story, in April 1975 a man suddenly appeared in the center of Mexico City, as if from out of the blue. He was wearing old-fashioned clothes and sported the kind of mutton-chop sideburns that had gone out of fashion decades ago. Glancing about himself, a look first of astonishment and then of panic flashed across his face. He began to sprint forwards, and was then struck down and killed by a car.

When police examined the man, they found nineteenth-century money in his pockets as well as business cards identifying him as Rodolfo García. But they couldn’t locate records of a man named like that anywhere until they came across the old widow of a Rodolfo García Jr. The widow told them that her father-in-law, Rodolfo García Sr., had disappeared one day without a trace in 1865. Intriguingly, the address of her father-in-law matched the address on the mysterious stranger’s business cards. So the police were left with an enigma. Rodolfo García appeared to have vanished in 1865, only to reappear in 1975. Had he somehow fallen into a time-hole that had sucked him seventy-four years through time?

Question 1

This is a story about a man who was driving a car in Mexico City.

Question 2

The driver's name is Rodolfo Goméz.

Question 3

Rodolfo García had a nineteenth century hairstyle

Question 4

Rodolfo García lived in Mexico City.

Question 5

The police found a member of Rodolfo García's family.

Question 6

A woman from 1975 revealed that a man disappeared in 1865.

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