Disney Parks

Read the text and answer the true-false questions below.


Of the many tourist attractions around the world that people frequently want to visit in America, the Disney Parks are very different and unique places. They are more than average vacation spot for a typical American family. More people visit Disney parks than any other theme park in the world. They are small indepemdent worlds full of mistery, magic and fun.

These Disney parks are places where fantasy and reality combine with each other. Everyone can fulfill their wishes at any age level. People agree that there is more variety at any of the Disney parks than other parks they visited before. Attraction on the parks are based on the myths that maintain the imagination of a child's world and can take an adult on a trip to the past.

These parks are places where adults can once again become a child and children can live a dream. The popular Disney characters come alive and invite the visitors of the park to become a part of their world. Children can take pictures with Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and shake hands with Mickey Mouse himself. Donald Duck, Goofy and the Seven Dwarves walk the streets and avenues of the park just like living celebrities always ready for a picture or a signature.

The first Disney park opened over 50 years ago in the suburbs of Los Angeles in Anaheim, California. A second park opened later on the east coast of America in Orlando, Florida. It was not long before a Disneyland opened in Tokyo and later they constructed one in Paris.

Since the creation of Disneyland other theme parks have develop throughout the country using Disney as their model for success. Disney provides vacationing families with a wholesome atmosphere specially design for children but offers enough diversity to entertain adults as well.


Question 1

1. Disney Parks are not very popular.

Question 2

2. Disney Parks are an average vacation spot for the American family.

Question 3

3. Disney does not have much variety in their parks.

Question 4

4. The attractions are based upon children's stories.

Question 5

5. Characters walk like celebrities in the  Disney parks.

Question 6

6. You can ask for photos or signatures from the Disney characters.

Question 7

7. The first Disney park opened in the 1930's.

Question 8

8. The Tokyo Disneyland was the fourth Disney park constructed.

Question 9

9. The Disney park in Florida opened before the one in California.

Question 10

10. Other parks use Disney as a prototype.

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