The tradition of Halloween

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the tradition of Halloween

          October 31st or Halloween is a popular for both children and adults. Many people dress up in  which include witches, warlocks, ghosts, funny characters, vampires, mummies and skeletons. Traditionally, people dressed up to scare evil spirits away. Today, costumes don’t have to be . Other popular disguises are pumpkins, princesses, super heroes, and cartoon characters such as Scooby-doo. People also like to decorate their homes. They like to make jack-o-lanterns or carved pumpkins with candles to put outside their front doors. Creative people also make their front yard look like a . If people participate in Halloween, they turn their front porch light on to invite .

 Kids love this holiday because they get to dress up and go “trick or treating”. In the evening, children are usually accompanied by an . They walk through the asking for treats. The child knocks on the door and says, “trick-or-treat!” Traditionally, if a child didn’t receive a goody he/she could play a trick on that person, but that usually doesn’t happen today. A goody can be chocolate, candy, cookies, money, raisins or fruit, mmmm! Some naughty youngsters love playing treats. These tricks include throwing rotten eggs, smashing pumpkins, toilet papering houses or cars, putting sugar into a car’s gas tank, etc… not very nice! 

 On the other hand, adults don’t go “trick-or-treating.” They usually organize  . At parties there is usually a costume contest and games. One traditional is “bobbing for apples.” Traditional party food is caramel apples and sticky popcorn balls. Haunted are also popular. Inside a haunted house you can find scary things like dead people, ghosts, goblins, coffins, skeletons, mummies, witches with broomsticks, bats, scary noises, etc… Halloween can be a very scary day.

Halloween is a day of fun, costumes and . Even though everyone in the U. S. doesn’t celebrate Halloween, it is still a popular holiday. Children usually eat too much junk food and get stomachaches. Besides children, dentists love this day because candy causes .             

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