The invention of Google

Read the text and select if the question is true or false.

Google is the world's most popular search engine. You are probably familiar with it, but do you know the story of how it started? Read the following text and find out.

Google was created by two college students from Stanford University in California. Their names were Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were studying a degree on computer science. These two students were big fanatics of the sci-fi TV show Star Trek, and they were fascinated by spaceship computer. Their biggest dream at the time was to create something that was able to answer any question in just seconds. 

Back in the day, the available search engines were slow and the results obtained were a lot of useless websites. That is why, in 1996, Larry and Sergey decided to create a better and faster search engine for the world. They thought that the results the engine brought should be based on the popularity of each websites. According to them, the most popular websites should have the highest number of weblinks.

No one thought the project was a good idea, and the investors did not give them money to fund it. What they did instead was to take the risk and use their credit cards. They also borrowed money from friends and family. What they did with the money was to buy as much computer memory as they could. Two years later, they were given a check for $100,000, and that money they were able to start their own company. Like Steve Jobs, their first office was in a friend's garage. The name of the company, Google, comes from the word "googol". A googol is a very large number; it is a 1 followed by 100 zeros.

The new search engine, Google, became popular very quickly. Thousands of people around the world started using it because it was fast, easy, and accurate. It became the biggest search engine on the Internet by the year 2002. Google has answered many questions now, from sports to science, and from music to medicine. Basically, any question can be answered by google. Google wishes that in the coming years, all of the world's information will be put on the internet, so that everyone is able to find everything.


Select if the question is true or false.

Question 1

Select true or false.

1. Google was founded by two engineers.

Question 2

2. The founders created google because they wanted to answer questions in seconds

Question 3

3. Back in the day, the search engines available weren't fast.

Question 4

4. The creators of google believed the most visited sites should appear first.

Question 5

5. Many investors were interested on their project and funded it.

Question 6

6. They were given money from their family and friends.

Question 7

7. Their first office was located at a building.

Question 8

8. The use of the new search engine spread quickly among its users.

Question 9

9. The word google comes from a mathematical term.

Question 10

10. Google is expected to hold all of the world's information.

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