Read the text and then select the correct answer.

Sometimes we can confuse friendship for chemistry. In this brief article you will find how to tell that and some solutions.

So you’ve found this perfect girl. She plays videogames with you, she enjoys sports, she’s fun to be with, and she can eat an entire pizza in front of you. She’s your best friend, who you happen to be in love with.

But do you think she feels the same way? Sure, you hang out all the time and she feels comfortable talking to you about anything, but be careful not to misread her behavior as flirtation and then end up in an awkward situation. Here are three red flags to be aware of:


She tells you about other boys she’s seeing: This is almost obvious. Perhaps she’s gauging your reaction to see if you show any signs of jealousy, so you have to be very careful and observe the details thoroughly. Is she telling you about how other guys have hurt her or is she telling you about this particular guy she really likes? If it is the first one, you might not be in the friendzone. If it the second one, it is evident you are and you should be a good friend and be happy for her.

She does not take care of her physical appearance when she meets you. Someone who likes you will always try to look attractive to you. Even if she is someone who doesn’t do her make up often and dresses up, if she’s interested, she’ll try to make you notice her. If she’s not interested on flirting with you, she’ll let you see her in her relaxed casual clothing. No effort put into your physical appearance equals no attraction.

There is no physical contact. When a girl likes you, her brain will make her want to touch you, even if it is subconsciously. Another sign here is her reaction when you touch her. Does she accept the touching or does she pull away? This is crucial. Now, perhaps she is a person who touches everyone. The key here is to observe the way she touches her other friends she doesn’t like and compare if the touching is similar to the way she touches you or if it’s different.

Question 1

If a girl plays videogames with you, it means she's into you.

Question 2

A way of flirting a girl has is hanging out and talking about everything with you.

Question 3

If a girl talks about other guys she’s seeing, she might be trying to make you jealous. 

Question 4

If a girl likes another guy, the best thing you can do is to move on.

Question 5

If a girl dolls herself up to see you, she probably likes you.

Question 6

It is a clear sign that if a girl touches you, she likes you. 

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