Two dogs crashed their owner's car.

2 Dogs Crashed Their Owner's Car Into Walmart After She Left Engine Running

Johanna Li

August 1, 2016

Shoppers at a West Virginia Walmart witnessed a car collide in the side of the store on Saturday.

The culprit? Two dogs that cops were pretty certain did not have valid driver's licenses. 

"I didn't know dogs can drive," a witness said, laughing.

According to WSAZ (News channel), an elderly woman had left her dogs in the car as she went shopping at a Walmart in Wayne County.

She left the engine on with the air conditioner running to keep her dogs cool.

Just as she thought all was well, one of the dogs managed to put the car in drive.

An employee on her break then watched the car inch toward her before it crashed into the front of the building, WSAZ reported.

Then, after the accident, the dog in the passenger seat was somehow able to roll the window down.

Walmart employees then took to the store intercom to page the woman, who appeared to be in her 70s.

No people or dogs were hurt in the incident. The car and building also reportedly suffered minor damage, and the car's owner was able to drive home after the incident.


Match the word with their definition.

- One charged with an offense or crime.

- Attestation to a fact, statement, or event.

- In a way not specified, understood, or known.

- a communication system within a building, airplane, etc., with a loudspeaker or receiver for listening and a microphone for speaking at each of two or more points.

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Question 1

1. One of the witnesses made a joke about the incident.

Question 2

2. The dogs were trained to drive a car.

Question 3

3. One of the dogs could manage to open the window.

Question 4

4. The woman knew about the incident because she was called out by employees. 

Question 5

5. Unfortunately, the damages were major.

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