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It has been discussed a controversial topic that many students and teachers are interested in, “the future of reading”. This is about how books and reading habits are changing because of technology. For instance, every week in The New York Times there are pieces about how books, reading and the book industry are changing. This week, for instance, there was a front-page report from Nashville with the headline, “Novelist Fights the Tide by Opening a Bookstore.” In it, Julie Bosman writes:

After a beloved local bookstore closed here last December and another store was lost to the Borders bankruptcy, this city, once known as the Athens of the South, rich in cultural tradition and home to Vanderbilt University, became nearly barren of bookstores.

A collective panic set in among Nashville’

s reading faithful. But they have found a savior in Ann Patchett, the best-selling novelist who grew up here. On Wednesday, Ms. Patchett, the acclaimed author of “Bel Canto” and “Truth and Beauty,” will open Parnassus Books, an independent bookstore that is the product of six months of breakneck planning and a healthy infusion of cash from its owner.

“I have no interest in retail; I have no interest in opening a bookstore,” Ms. Patchett said, serenely sipping tea during a recent interview at her spacious pink brick house here. “But I also have no interest in living in a city without a bookstore.”

Definitely, this seems to be an interesting topic for conversations. We would like to know your opinion about it. What kinds of things do you read in an average day, and how do you read them? For instance, do you read novels you find at bookstores or libraries, or do you buy and read them on an e-reader? Do you read news or follow current events about a hobby or interest? If so, do you do so mostly on your computer or phone, or in print? Do you often follow links on social networks like Facebook or Twitter? How would you characterize the kinds of things you read that way?

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