Jobs and Technology

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The need of Technology 

          One of the difficulties people have in their work these days is coming to terms with modernity. Cecilia Martínez, recently unemployed, says “Technology is changing fast and many of the I learned in college are no longer . Consequently I know I would eventually lose my without specialized training, I would have demonstrated more initiative”. We should all expect to be retained several times during our working lives, “in today’s unpredictable work environment, it takes more than team-awareness and to be successful worker. A person has to be adaptable to the changing trends of business and technology in order to maintain employment”, says economist Armando Hernández. 

The experience with computers is a typical . Whereas a few years ago only a limited amount of relied on , now computers are indispensable in a business’ daily functions. Consequently an employee without a good working knowledge of computers can’t expect to find employment these days. It is also absolutely essential for employees to be conscious of the continually developing that may be used in their jobs. Schmidt further states, “It was once believed that if you worked hard and did exactly what it was your job required, success would be achieved. Today, we find that a that does not continue developing their job will soon become in the job market”.            

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