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Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands in the , attracting thousands of throughout the year. The island one hundred and forty six miles from east to . Its name comes from the Aarawak word " ", meaning "land of wood and water". With its river and flowing from the forest down mountains to the fertile plains, Jamaica one of the richest and most varied landscapes in the Caribbean. 

The island´s offers a feast of delights. The north coast, with its popular resorts of Montego , Runaway Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio, has fine coral and rich farmland where sugar cane, and citrus are grown. On the western tip of the island is Negril, once a remote outpost but now a beach lover´s paradise, and the region of the island offers a coastline, where the majestic mountains into the sea. 

Tourists like to explore will be fascinated and amazed when they venture . The centre of the island is mostly mountainous and wooded, with small mining towns and dotted here and there. The famous Cockpit Country in the northwest is an unusual place with scattered hills and deep , while the central mountain range, dominated by the 7,402 foot Blue Mountain, extends from Half Moon Bay Portland and divides the south coast of the island from the north.

Jamaica´s varied landscape and sunny allows for almost anything to grow. Visitors can step into a country market and see a vast of tropical fruits and vegetables with intriguing names. They can also see and eat or Jamaican exports such as sugar, citrus fruits, bananas, spices, rum and world-famous Blue Mountain .

Jamaica is a perfect holiday . Visitors are always overwhelmed by the ever-changing landscape, the villages, the fresh and natural cuisine and the warm hospitality of local . Hotels, guesthouses and apartments grow in number every year but never seem to spoil the marvellous vistas and sense of space. The result is truly . Would you ever want to visit anywhere else?

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