Mardi Gras


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 Because of this, police mingle amongst the crowds to keep a watchful eye on the proceedings, just in case things get out of hand. 

 This is a tradition for people, riding on the floats and wear strange masks and throw necklaces amongst the crowd of people who are watching the parade. 

 Mardi Gras is a French expression, meaning "Fat Tuesday". It takes place every year in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the south eastern part of the United States. 

 They hold parades, with some of the massive floats carrying up to more than two hundred people. 

 Another Mardi Gras tradition is to eat King Cake, a kind of sweet bread. 

 During Mardi Gras, people flock to the city to eat, drink, dance and join in with the party!. 

 Mardi Gras begings early, and many parties and parades have already taken place by the time Fat Tuesday comes around. 

 Hidden inside the cake is a small plastic baby, which represent the baby Jesus. 

 People who ride on the floats wear ornate and brightly coloured costumes, and outlandishly tall headdresses, topped with bird feathers. 

 In Mardi Gras, the music and the crowds seem like a huge celebration that never ends. 

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