The train robbery

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The Great Train Robbery

 THE CREW: This criminal gang was straight out of a movie. There was Bruce Reynolds, the “brains” of the criminal operation. Next come Buster Edwards, an ex-boxer. The rest of the gang, totaling almost thirty l criminals, possessed a mixture of distinct criminal needed to carry out the most audacious robbery in history.

THE CRIME: The year was 1963 and Reynolds was studying the movements of cash on postal trains out of London. He soon created the perfect for robbing the night train without the need for violence. The scheme involved elaborate , multiple vehicles, and the research and manipulation of the London train . The date of the robbery was arranged for June, but was changed to August, when extra money was expected to be taken due to a bank .

The heist began at 3:30am, when the stopped at false signals the criminals had set. Next, a group of “railway workers” approached the train. One of the real train workers, David Whitby, descended the train to . Unfortunately, he asked Buster Edwards, who responded with a shove to the ground. Whitby grasped the situation and offered no , saving himself from serious injury. Jack Mills wasn’t so . When the driver stepped into the darkness after his colleague, he met with a violent blow on the head, which left him and bleeding.

THE PLAN: was no longer . Day was threatening to break and some members failed to for the robbery. Of greater concern was the train itself. Ronnie Biggs had been because of his experience conducting trains, but when he entered the engine car, it became apparent that a commercial train was worlds apart from that of a postal train. The train wasn’t going anywhere.

The robbers decided to the money by human chain down from the cargo compartment to the waiting vehicles. An unprecedented 2.3 million pounds were taken, equal to 40 million in today’s value.

SHORT-LIVED CELEBRATION: After the robbery, the gang hit-out on a farm. The general spirit was so festive that some even the game monopoly using real that they had stolen. Things suddenly changed when news arrived that the were close in on them. The robbers the farm and remainder of their plan. In their careless haste to , the criminals left finger prints everywhere, most notably on the monopoly .

The gang members fled to various parts of the . But in the end, all the robbers were eventually and convicted, with the exception of Biggs. He went on to live many in Brazil, enjoying his money and international notoriety as the one member of the Great Train Robbers who actually . This was until May 2001, when he returned to England, only to be on arrival and forced to serve his original of 25 years in prison.

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