Boy Meets Girl

Watch and listen to the following clip and choose the correct word to complete the song.

Yeah, this is just a story about love
About life and about the true essence of people, check it, listen


Boy meets girl, girl meets
Her name’s Dana, his name
When they locked eyes, that first night
They both knew, love at first sight
Started hanging out, started getting
Everything about it, just felt so
Day by day, they grew close

They felt something, more than most

People do in their lifetime, his homies say he left his right
Cause Troy used to run the streets, but now he's with her in the night
He don’t really care what they think, cause he know that this is something real
Got him thinking Dana is the one, and he love the way she make him feel
So one day, he left home, bought a ring, took a
Looked her in the eyes, said "baby do you want to spend your life with ?"
She cried, said yes, called her mamma, bought a dress
He want to do it big, so he say, the wedding day's 10 months away


8 months in, Troy gets a call
Dana's been in an accident, she aint doing good at all
His heart dropped, so did the
Flashbacks running through his head, thinking is my baby
Picked the phone back up, heard the doc say that she's alive
He thank god, tears running down his eyes

Jumped in his car, sped down to the ER that’s
The doc said "I got bad news, she'll never walk "

She broke down, he did
Then he said "no matter what girl we'll make it "
She’s going to live the rest of her life in a wheel chair he don’t care
He ain’t going nowhere, swears he'll be right there
Some people swear he's crazy, said they would've been
He said "how could I leave her, right when she needs me the "
He said "I'll never leave your side baby girl, your my world"
I still feel the same way I did then, boy meets girl


She cried, and she said "us"
He said "I love you", she said "I love you too"

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