More love letters

Look at the video and read the instructions.

The  next video points out the importance of written letters

Now go to the next link , pick a request and write a letter to that person. Follow the next tips and send your letter to for a revision before you send your letter (if you like to)

1.- Date the letter. Write out the date - for example, "October 17, 2015" - or abbreviate it using only numbers indicating the month, day and year

2.- Write a salutation.  For example, "Dear Juanita" or "Hello, Susan."

3.- Begin with some pleasantries. Use the first few lines to say an extended hello, tell a joke, or reference the season. For example, "How are you doing?",  "How have you been?" or "I hope you ..." 

4.-Reference nice topics. Like some funny experiences you may have or talk about a tradition in your country

5.- Write a closing. For example, 

  • If you want to write a formal closing, consider "Sincerely," "Warmly," or "Best wishes."
  • If your letter is more casual in tone, try "Yours," "Take care," or "Cheers." 

Follow the closing by signing your name.

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