Linking words

Select the correct linking word for every sentence.

1. she did not have a lot of money, she donated some to charity.

2. It was announced that teachers' working hours would be increased by 25%.   , even fewer trainee teachers are expected to join the profession.

3. In order to try to reduce water use in the inner cities, the government has announced new laws on water distribution and , a new tax on individual water use.

4. The homework must be handed in by the deadline,   it will not be graded.

5. You can stay out tonight you tell us where you are going.

6. I earned a more money I wouldn't buy a house.

7. Take a sandwich there's no vegetarian food at the restaurant

8.   the noise, he managed to finish his essay.

9. Mariana enjoys Opera Joe prefers Classical music.

10.  feeling very sick, he went to work.

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