How to make a composition

  1. Plan your essay (composition or writing)

Spend 5 or 10 minutes planning your essay.

Students usually think that this is a waste of time but, you will have a better result if you know, in advance, what you want to write about.


  1. Use mind maps

For two reasons: They will help you organize your ideas and they will help you calm down your butterflies! Being concentrated on what to write will make you forget for a while how nervous you are……for example “Is it a good idea to go abroad to study English?” many people want to improve their English for school, … other people need it for work … Learn another culture … Meet people … A new experience … Practice your English … miss your family and friends … Feel lonely …

         2. Write a draft of your essay

Divide it into clear paragraphs:

ITNRODUCTION. General facts about the topic

BODY. Main ideas giving details or examples

CONCLUSION. A conclusion about what you have been writing

Present your ideas clearly depending on the kind of essay (narrative, opinion, for and against, etc.)

  • Leave space between lines for additions or corrections.
  • Use connectors to link your ideas

          3. Pay attention to:

Word order is very important in English.


The usual order is:

SUBJECT + VERB + ADDIDIONS  - It is a rainy day.

SUBJECT  + VERB AGREEMENT. Verb agreement=a singular subject has a singular verb, The student is working hard; and plural objects go with the verb in plural, The students are working hard.


Adjectives come before the noun and it is the same form for singular and plural nouns “an easy exercise” / “easy exercises”. Note that adjectives do not change in plural.


Linking word – Use them in order to connect your ideas and show how they are related to one another. E.g.

On the other hand, they may become dangerous if people don’t make a good use of them, especially children.

In conclusion, new technologies have been a great revolution but they must be controlled to avoid difficul

Write a composition

Write a composition 150 words about the following topic:        No teachers, no schools   (If you want your composition to be corrected, please send it to

An opinion composition:

  • Introduction: (paragrahp 1) Present the topic and your opinion
  • Body:  Give reasons for your opinions. Different ideas in different paragraphs (paragraphs 2, 3...)
  • Conclusion: Summarize the main ideas. It can be similar to the introduction but presented in some other words. (last paragraph)


New technologies make education change. For example, at schools the number of computers is increasing.

In my view, I think that schools without teachers would be a good thing beacause each student could work individually. In addition, they could organize their schedules in relation to their own work.

On the other hand, It isn't a good idea because, as I can see, nowadays young people are not very responsible.

In conclusion, I think that if there weren't any teachers, it would be a disasteer and nobody would study. So, I believe that schools should have their teachers and their computers.

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