Collocations DO or MAKE

Read the following phrases and choose the best choice, DO or MAKE.

1. Do you know how to business in Brazil?

2. Studying hard differences to get a good grade.

3. The patient nothing to get better.

4. I don't want to trouble, but I have a few suggestions for your project.

5. Could you me a favor?

6. He complains about the chickens when they a mess of the garden.

7. My husband always the cooking. 

8.  Mom! Kevin isn't his homework.

9. room for Sam. She need a place to sit.

10. This wood can't be used to furniture.

11. I the shopping yesterday.

12. Wow, you are progress quickly.

13. Do you have a friend who can your hair as well as any professional salon?

14. I a mistake and I'm really sorry about it.

15. Children! Please stop that noise.

16. I can't go out until I finish the washing up.

17. Let's an effort to get along.

18. I really don't like the housework.

19. My brother's aim is to money.

20. If you wan to succeed in life you need to your best.

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