Collocations: GO or GET

Complete the sentences with the most suitable form of the verbs: GO or GET. Then click the Submit button.

1. My parents abroad together before they got married.

2. While travelling my parents luggage missing.

3. My brother finally a job.

4. I'll married next year.

5. The fridge broke down and the food in it bad.

6. My graduation party was a total mess, everybody drunk.

7. The teacher angry with the students because they didn't do the homework.

8. My father bald when he was 50.

9. I a shock when I found out I won the lottery.

10. I think I'm crazy, I swear I put my glasses on this table but they aren't here.

11. I didn't know that divorced was so complicated.

12. I'll call you when I home.

13. We should leave before it dark.

14. I blind after drinking cheap alcoholic beverages.

15. My car broke down so I had to on foot.

16. People protested the ruling but nowhere.

17. My best friend pregnant when she was 17.

18. The new restaurant will probably out of business if they don't have more clients.

19. I the impression that the elections didn't change anything.

20. My dog always mad when he sees the leash.

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