Choose an option to complete the SAYING correctly.

The Spanish translation is given for you to complete the sentences correctly. 

1. Can you get me the phone? 

    Wait, I´m a bit busy too. 

    , I´ll get it.  (Olvídalo, tono amable)

2. My boss is so annoying but I gotta hold on, . (Mejor malo conocido que bueno por conocer)

3. That English exam was to me. (Es pan comido)

4. Do you fancy a beer? - ! (¡Por supuesto!)

5. Surfing and stuff... .  (No es lo mío)

6. this is a list of web sites where you could find jobs. (Se me ocurre de repente)

7. It appears that, , Trump will be the next president. (Según las cosas)

8. That trip to New York was experience. (Una vez en la vida)

9. I like to go hiking. (De vez en cuando)

10. he came and rescued me. (Como caído del cielo)

11. but I think you´re being hypocrite. (Perdón por lo que voy a decir)

12. Stop all that you´re giving me. (Cuento chino)

13. Sorry, that song´s name doesn´t . (me suena conocido)

14. It´s getting late, ! (Muévete, levántate)

15. I can´t believe what you did. Shame on you! (Que vergüenza)

16. If only I could turn back time and ...   (Empezar de cero)

17. Mmm I don´t know, that car looks . (Está muy sospechoso)

18. , she left and never came back. (Es la gota que derramo el vaso)

19. Come on! it´s only a crossword, . (No es tan difícil)

20. She paid me all the money, now . (Estamos a mano)

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