Phrasal verbs - Relationships

Write the phrasal verb under the correct column

Put the following phrasal verbs under the correct heading in the table.

sb = somebody, sth = something

ask sb out break sth off chase after sb
fall for sb get sb back get over sb / sth
put up with sb       set sb up spit up with sb
turn sb off walk out on sb

Start/being in a relationship  Ending a relationship          
ask sb out

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Complete the conversation

Complete the conversations with the correct form of a  phrasal verb from the previous exercise.

Note: one preposition may be used two times.

1. A- Did you hear that Samantha and Tomas have (1) split up?

     B- No! 

    A- Yes. She (2)  him last week.

    B-Do you think there's a chance they'll get back together?

    A-No way. Apparently Samantha's  (3) the engagement and returned the ring.

    B-Uh-oh. He's totally in love. He'll take forever to (4) it.

2. A-I saw Alberto and Jennifer together at the movies last night! Did he finally (5) her ?

    B-No, he the nerv. I ended up having to (6) them .

3. A-Have Kelly and Min-su broken up for good?

     B- No. He (7) her and bombarded her with presents and flowers.

     A- Really? So she gave in?

    B- Yep. And I've never seen him happier since he (8) her .

4. A-I've noticed Sunny is starting to flirt with James. I think she's seeing him.

    B-I don't know how she (9) him, frankly.

   A- Me neither. I liked him at first, but he really (10) me now.

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