Financial Verbs

DropDown Activity

Complete the sentences below with the appropiate word. One of the words is used twice. 

1. They needed money for their business so they from the bank.

2. We´ve repaid almost 75% of the loan. However, we still over $25,000.

3. Last year, my friend me $600 because I didn´t have any money to pay my bill. 

4. They have lowered the price of their products because the average customer them. 

5. My cousin shouldn´t money if he knows his friend can´t pay it back. 

6. We the client a month ago but she still hasn´t paid us. 

7. The company over $1,000,000 to the bank.

8. How much did we them for?

9. Can you me some money until I get paid next month?

10. How much do they him?

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