Choose the second part of the clichés to complete it.

E.g.            You should do some exercise after work because you are eating a lot of junk food.  - Easier said than done!  


- Well, you know what they say. No pain, no gain

- God idea. Better safe than sorry.

- Uh-oh! They say bad luck comes in threes

- You can say that again

- It takes all kinds

- It boggles the mind

- Oh, well. Better late than never

- Sounds like just what the doctor ordered

- It´s OK. Accidents happen 

1. Oh oh! I broke your vase!  -

2. I don´t remember if I close the door. I need to go back to my house and check it.  -

3. There has been a lot of work these days. We need some rest!  -

4. I got a present from my girlfriend two days after my birthday.  -  

5. We´re going to Europe for one week.  -  

6. Took me a lot of time to play the guitar like this.  -

7. My sister failed her exams, my brother broke his leg. What´s next?  -

8. She has 10 cats, Goodness knows what her house is like.  -

9. Your cousin is a strange guy. Did you know he eats bugs?  -

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