Preparing for exams


Read the text below and use the words given in capitals at the end of each line to forma a word which fits in the space on the same line. There is an example at the begining (0).

The most important rule of exam (0 preparation  is to sart your  PREPARE
(1  early - don't leave it until the last few days before REVISE
Revise regularly and use a (2  of methods to help you  VARY
learn and remember. Read your lesson notes (3 CARE
and highlight any points which are (4  important. SPECIAL
Be aware of your (5  and weaknesses and ask your STRONG
teacher to suggest (6  practice exercises in areas ADDITION
of the language where you lack (7 . CONFIDENT
You could ask a friend to test you (8) - on your OCCASION
vocabulary or on your (9  verbs, for example. As REGULAR
the exam approaches, you might also find it (10 HELP
to answer some questions under exam conditions.                                   

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