My daily routine

Read the paragraph below and fill in the missing words.

Complete the blanks with the words below:

have dinner play computer games listen to music study get up
take a bath go to bed get home go out do my homework
make my bed watch TV have lunch brush my teeth go to school

I am a student, so I have a more or less disciplined life. Thus, my daily life follows a very simple routine.  

First, I very at early in the morning at six o’clock, then I , tidy the room and go to the bathroom to and wash my face. Later I and then I get ready for school. I get on the bus at 7:30 and where I very hard. I have four or five classes of two or three hours a day. When I finish school I go home and relax. Some days I at around two o’clock and I . After lunch I and then I for about two hours. At five o’clock I start to . When I finish my homework, I or I with my friends. At nine I with my family. At ten o’clock I usually . At half past eleven I go to bed.

This is my daily routine.

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