Conditional 2

Put the verbs in parenthesis into the correct form to make conditional 2 sentences

The conditional 2 is used for events less probable and for unreal events. 

  • FORM: If + past simple or continuous + would, could, might + infinitive
  • Note: The correct form for the verb to be in the if-clause is were (e.g. If I were you, I'd complain.), but was is also possible and is often heard in conversation.
  • Note 2: When there is a modal verb such as can it will change into be able to, and must will change into have to e.g.:-
    • If we played very well, we would be able to participate in the contest.
    • If they wanted to change the color of the house, they would have to paint it white first.
  1. I (not/carry) your smartphone around in your pocket if I (be) you!
  2. If Marijo (make) more effort to help herself, I (have) more sympathy with her.
  3. We (must) reduce the price if we (want) to sell our car quickly.
  4. If you (call) the police, how long (it/take) them to arrive?
  5. Doug (not/take) a day off work unless he (be) extremely ill.
  6. If iPhones batteries (last) longer hours, I (buy) one.
  7. If you (know) him as well as I do, you (not/rely) on him at all!
  8. Your grand-father (appreciate) really it if you (go) to see him.

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