My house

Read the text and answer TRUE / FALSE to the sentences.

My house

I live in a big house, it is beautiful and I like it. It´s color white and green. I can do a lot of things there, I can ride my bike in the garden or I can swim in the pool when it´s a sunny day. If it rains I can watch a movie in the living room while I eat popcorns. In Christmas we turn on the chimney and sit down on the sofa.

The house has two floors, on the first floor there is the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and a bedroom. On the second floor there are four more bedrooms, each bedroom has its own bathroom. There is also a terrace where I can see the sunset. The roof is high and pyramid shaped and is covered with wood shingles. Two large chimneys sit at the side of the house. Several large windows let in plenty of light to the rooms below the roof.

The house itself is surrounded by a tranquil garden, with various flowers, a long pond including a small waterfall and various rock formations. I have a dog called “Crazy”. I think my dog likes to live here too, he likes to run around the house and play with me. 

Question 1

1. I live in a small house.

Question 2

2. My house is white and grey. 

Question 3

3. It has five bedrooms. 

Question 4

4. I watch movies in the dining room.

Question 5

5. The house has some large windows.

Question 6

6. There are flowers in the garden. 

Question 7

7. I can look at the sunrise from the terrace.

Question 8

8. We turn on the chimney in Christmas.

Question 9

9. My dog´s name´s Crazy.

Question 10

10. I have a bike. 

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