Parts of the House

Let´s learn about the parts in a house!

1. Look the picture and write the number next to the part in the house

attic basement
bedroom kitchen
bathroom garage 
living room yard

2. Where in the house you do this... (write the place)

a) I sleep in my

b) I cook my favorite food in the

c) My father parks the car in our

d) I wash my face in the

e) My family watches tv in the

f) I play with my dog in the


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Where can you find the object?

Choose the correct option according to the instructions.

1.  You can find this object in the bathroom    

2.  You can use this object to cut your vegetables    

3. You can find this object in the yard  

4. You can sit down on this object    

5. You can watch a movie with this object      

6. You can put your clothes here    

7. You can use them to go to the next floor    

8. You can open it to get into your house    

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