Third Conditional (1)

Use the verb in parenthesis to make Third Conditional sentences.

The Third Conditional refers to the past. The if event is therefore impossible since we cannot change the past. If a result is not sure, we can express this element of doubt with would, might and could. For example:

If you had driven that car, you... could ...have had an accident

Use contractions when it is negative.

a. If Mrs González (not buy) the Daily Mirror, she (would not take part) part in the competition. 

b. If she (forget) to check the numbers on her card, she (could not win) a million pounds. 

c. If Eli (not be) so tired, she (would go) to the party.

d. He (might have) a chance to pass the exam, if he (study) more.

e. If my friend (be) free last weekend, I (would invite) her. 

Complete the chart by using the verb in parenthesis and the Third Conditional form.

Would have + past participle if Past Perfect
(study) ...would have studied if (pass)...had passed
(tell)... if (see)...
(invite)... if (call)...
(be)... if (travel)...
(stay)... if (rain)...
(do)... if (go)...

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