My childhood memories


When I was five years old, my parents and I moved to another neighborhood, by that time I was an only child. A few months later my younger brother was born. I used to play with my father because I didn't have siblings older than me, and my brother was too young to play with me. So, I used to play with my father, we used to play "hide and seek".

In the mornings, my mother took me to school. When I was in the school I used to play "jump the rope" with my classmates, we also played "doña blanca". After classes, I had lunch with my family and then I used to watch TV for a couple of hours. Later, I did my homework.

In the summer, my favorite activities were going to the park with my cousins and watching TV. My cousins and I played in the swings, it was really funny. We also went to a dam. There, we sought for insects and we played with them.

I can say had a great childhood.

After reading the text:

Say if the following sentences are True or False.

Question 1

1. She was an only child until she was four.

Question 2

2. She moved when she was five.

Question 3

3. She used to play with her younger brother.

Question 4

4. Her father used to take her to school.

Question 5

5. She used to watch TV for two hours.

Question 6

6. She used to spend summer vacation with her cousins.

Question 7

7. She and her cousin used to look for insects.

Question 8

8. She wasn't happy in her childhood.

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