Choose the correct option to complete the text.

There are (as well as/as many as ways to advertise a product means of communication, for example, radio, TV, press, internet. (Actually/ Nowadays/Eventually)   , the strongest means of communication  is the internet, and the advertising industry is aware of that; through it people are closer to the products, since most of the people are always connected to the Internet.

There are many kinds of (advertisements/advertising/advertise)    but not all of what is advertised is good. Sometimes, advertisements do not provide  (to/for/ with) all the information about the product, (where/which/who) can cause damage to people, for example, some food contain substances that are harmful for health.

Other important factors that are used in (advertise/advertising/advertisement) are the idea of being attractive, wealthy and powerful people, young people. The message of most advertisements is (to/with/by) getting their products people will be rich, powerful, beautiful, happy and young.

(From my point of view/Therefore/Moreover)   , the companies have to sell their products, and they have the necessity to find different ways to approach the consumers, in order to sell their products. Due there are a lot of products in the market, they use the factors mentioned above to attract more consumers, and I think, (but/and/since of that they cross the line between the correct and the incorrect.

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